MIDEN INDUCTOR SCB5040 (Taiyo yuden NR5040)

MIDEN INDUCTOR SCB5040 (Taiyo yuden NR5040)

Model No.︰SCB5040

Brand Name︰MIDEN

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1500 pc

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Product Description


Specifications︰ APPLICATIONS
 Power supply choke for small electrical equipments
such as LED Light, VTR,LCD display, Note
book, communication equipment , OA
equipments , Mother board , display
card ,sound card; Power supply or MP3, MP4 ,
–AC inverters etc.

Advantages︰ FEATURES
 Magnetic-resin shielded construction reduces
buzz noise to ultra-low levels.
 With magnetic shield against radiation.
 Metallization on ferrite core results in excellent
shock resistance and damage-free durability.
 Super low resistance with high current rating
and high energy storage.
 Suitable for surface mount equipment

Min Order︰ 1500

Ship Date︰ 4 WEEKS